Elige LLC offers a new approach for reaching an optimal result that hasn`t yet been widely used in Estonian sustainable development. Decision analysis is the discipline comprising the philosophytheorymethodology, and professional practice necessary to address important decisions in a formal manner. Decision analysis includes many procedures, methods, and tools for identifying, clearly representing, and formally assessing important aspects of a decision. Decision Analysis is designed to be a prescriptive approach to decision making, especially decision-making under uncertainties.

Decision analysis can be used on a variety of fields and can be used successfully to develop necessary models. Decision analysis is a client based approach where your values and needs will be taken into account. Therefore you will be included in the whole process constantly. The end results will be a report offering presumably the best alternative for the clients’ needs.

Decision analysis is a tool designed to make decision making more explicit and transparent taking into account different and often conflicting aspects such as political, social, economic and environmental (ecological).