Name: Anna-Helena Purreu0-weu-d2-687c57ae623947d88ac778f0a45475df^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

Position: environmental specialist, member of the board

Contact: Anna.Helena.Purre@elige.ee; +372 55 695 978


Ecology PhD student (Tallinn University, 2014 – …, (sup.) M. Ilomets “Phytomass and carbon balance on revegetated abandoned peat fields”)

MSc cum laude in geoecology (Tallinn University, 2014, (sup. ) M. Ilomets, “Taimkatte struktuur ja biomass taastaimestataval freesturbaväljal”, “Vegetation structure and biomass on revegetated milled peatland”)

BSc cum laude in geoecology (Tallinn University, 2012, (sup.) M. Ilomets, “Samblakatte kujunemine freesväljal”,”Development of bryophyte cover on revegated milled peatland” )

Additional courses:

University of Jyväskylä- Course “Methods in Community Ecology” and Workshop “Megadiverse communities- from patterns to explanations” (2016)

KIx – KIexploRx: Statistics with R (2014)

HAL Koolitus: performance course (2013)

Berkley X: Stat 2.1x — 2.3x. Statistics (inference, probability, descriptive) (2013)

Latvia University of Agriculture: „Local Landscape via Ecology, Art and Mystic“  (2013)

Estonian University of Life Science: “Multivariate Data Analysis Using PC-ORD” (2018)

Interesting to know: Anna-Helena is the chairwoman of the Estonian Geographical Society`s Youth Club since 2015. She is also a member of the Estonian Geographical Society . In addition she took  part in a science project ETF9070 “The interaction between bog water conditions and Pinus sylvestris morphological and physiological plasticity (2012-2015)” in Tallinn University, Instutute of Ecology. At the moment, she is representing the Municipality of Viimsi in INTERREG project “Mitigating the Effects of Emergencies in the Baltic Sea Region Ports” (https://blogit.utu.fi/hazard/) which lasts from 2016 until 2019. She also takes part in European Union’s LIFE program project Climate change mitigation by means of rewetting peatlands (2016-2021 https://life-peat-restore.eu/en/).




Name: Kadi PadurIMG_1479_uus

Position: environmental specialist, member of the board

Contact: Kadi.Padur@elige.ee; +372 56606178


Ecology PhD student (Tallinn University, 2014 – …, (sup.) T. Põder, M. Ilomets, „Quarry reuse decision making process using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis“)

MSc in environmental management (Tallinn Univeristy, 2014, (sup.) T. Põder, M. Ilomets, „Using multi-criteria decision analysis for choosing re-use possibility for milled peatlands“)

BSc in environmental management (Tallinn University, 2012, (sup.) T. Lukki, “Food colours used in colorful products in Estonian market that are consumed by children and the possible health impacts related to the food coloring“)

Additional courses:

HACCP Principles and Audit Techniques (European Commission, BTSF Training Certificate, Brussels, 2014)

Controls on Contaminants in Feed and Food (European Commission, BTSF Training Certificate, Sofia, 2015)

Food Additives, Enzymes and Flavouring (European Commission, BTSF Training Certificate, Athens, 2015)

Rapid Alert System For Food And Feed (European Commission, BTSF Training Certificate, Tallinn, 2015)

Chemical Risk Assessment in Food (2015)

IAEA Training Course on the Use of Decision Making Tools for Remediation Measures in Animal Production Systems (Budapest, 2017)

Project Management (Tallinn, 2018)

Project portfolio management (Tallinn, 2018)

Interesting to know: Kadi achieved in 2015 first prize on the contest of scientific short articles Winter Academy. In 2014 she won contest of research studies in Tallinn University in area of natural and exact sciences in the category of Master thesis. Kadi also gives lectures about Decision-Making Analysis to master students in Tallinn University and she has published a paper: Padur, Kadi, Mati Ilomets, and Tõnis Põder. “Identification of the Criteria for Decision Making of Cut-Away Peatland Reuse.” Environmental management59.3 (2017): 505-521.




Name: Sander Sasi

Position: development manager, member of the board

Contact: Sander.Sasi@elige.ee; +372 53469339


BSc in geoecology (Tallinn University, 2012, (sup.) H. Tõnisson, „Coastal changes in Sillamäe area during 2004 – 2012“)

Interesting to know: Sander has extensive management experience on national as well as international level.