Elige LLC is a consulting company founded in 2014 with the main objective to make environmental management and the decisions involved more objective and scientific. To accomplish our goal, we work in cooperation with private businesses as well as government agencies.

The company was founded by four young environmental specialists with a broad work field from peatland restoration to the study of coastal changes. Due to the complexity and scope of the decisions made in environmental management, we include experts from different study fields.

The mission of the company is to offer high quality and scientifically reasoned decisions and assessments for the sustainable development of the environment and community. To achieve that, we provide a knowledge-based approach to decision making and specialists who consistently improve themselves in order to offer the greatest quality.

One of our main targets is to incorporate multicriteria decision analysis into environmental management in order to make the processes and results more rational, more transparent and responsive to all parties. Therefore, we offer consultations and give advice on how to make better decisions and more successfully incorporate different parties into the process.


News feed:

10.10.2018 Anna-Helena and Kadi achieved second prize in Quarry Life Award Northern Europe competition organised by Heidelbergcement with the project “Optimising post-mining land-use decision-making in cooperation with stakeholders

26.12.2017 Anna-Helena published an article in Restoration Ecology (Purre, Anna-Helena, Mati Ilomets. 2017. Relationships between bryophyte production and substrate properties in restored milled peatlands. Restoration Ecology)

26.10.2017 Anna-Helena Purre presented her work in Presidency of the Estonian Republic of the Council of the European Union, a flagship conference “Nature-based Solutions: From Innovation to Common-use”

17.11.2016 Kadi Padur published new research article in scientific journal Environmental Management (Padur, Kadi, Mati Ilomets, and Tõnis Põder. “Identification of the Criteria for Decision Making of Cut-Away Peatland Reuse.” Environmental Management (2016): 1-17.)